Ordained Ministers for Weddings

Please click here for contact information on one of our ordained ministers:

  • Dr. Brian Carroll (Dean of the Organization)
  • Dr. Henry Oh (Dean) San Diego, California
  • Dr. Ella Ondo Thierry Ange (Dean) Republic of Gabon
  • Dr. Robert Gee (Dean) Miami, Florida
  • Dave Burch (Assistant Dean) Rancho Cucamonga, California
  • Dr. Rudrarup Gupta (Deacon)  West Bengal, India
  • Dr. Thomas Smith (Deacon) Palm Springs, California
  • Erin Carroll (Deacon) Riverside, California
  • Stephanie Carroll (Deacon) Moreno Valley, California
  • Douglas Dunks (Deacon) Panama City Beach, Florida
  • Sheena Metal (Deacon) Sherman Oaks, California