Congregational members of the Organization are not required to take an oath.

For those attending American Trinity University, the following oath must be taken as part of the ordination process:

I,  ________________________, have agree to enter into a lifetime of service dedicated to the pursuit of charity, of Absolute Truths, and of God.  I further agree to completely abide by the following code of conduct:

Have dignity. Be known as a spiritual person among your peers. Gain a respectable reputation in your home, community, and within the organization. As a deacon or dean, you will be seen by many. It is important to show your spiritual qualities.

Do not share false prophecies or make promises that cannot be kept. To become a deacon or dean, people have to know of you as trustworthy.

Cannot have addictions. To become a deacon or dean, it is important to have no drug or alcohol dependencies.

Not out for personal gain. When trying to become a deacon or dean, you should be showing your willingness to give and sacrifice. Those who are out for personal gain or pleasure are not fit to be a deacon or deans.

Hold the mystery of faith with a clear conscience. Deacons and Deans are supposed to be able to keep a clear conscience. We seek truths and a path to God.

Prove yourself. The best way to be a deacon or dean is to live like one. Prove yourself by living like a deacon or dean if you are ready to become one. Becoming a deacon or dean is something that should come naturally.

Must have control over lower level brain responses. Deacons or deans should have their love life under control. Having affairs and multiple spouses can show instability. This kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Practice temperance. Deacons and Deans must have the quality of patience. Anyone that cannot practice self control would not make a good deacon.

Be faithful in all things. A deacon or dean should be the best at everything they do. They usually complete all tasks full heartedly. To become a deacon or dean, you must first be a reliable servant of the Reconciliation of Religion and Science Organization.

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